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VoIPack is a VOIP gateway equipped with 4 analog telephone ports in FXS or FXO mode. A FXS port is used to connect an off-the-shelf telephone set to the VOIP network; a FXO port is used to connect a PSTN line to the VOIP network. Either FXS or FXO port can be used to connect PBX phone systems to the VOIP network. As an Internet appliance, VoIPack is equipped with 2 Ethernet interfaces capable of serving as an Internet router, providing users with NAT, and DHCP security services.  VoIPack supports two types of VOIP signaling protocols: MGCP, and H.323. VoIPack implements several QoS mechanism to ensure the voice quality over the Internet.

Install a VoIPack at each branch office to link the company-wide PBX systems using the Internet. The so constructed virtual PBX system can participate in a larger scacle of VOIP network offered by an ITSP.

Install a VoIPack to connect its home/office phone to the Internet. VoIPack can serve as extension to the corporate phone system, or as the gateway for a SOHO user to participate in a larger scale of VOIP club serviced by an ITSP. User may prefer VoIPack be equipped with a FXO port so that she or he can have access the PSTN and VOIP network at the same time at choice.







The MultiVOIP voice over IP gateways provide toll-free voice and fax communications over the Internet or Intranet. By integrating voice and fax into an existing data network, businesses can realize substantial savings on inter-office long distance toll charges.

The MultiVOIP family is available in analog and digital models ranging from one to 60 ports. MultiVOIP products connect directly to phones, fax machines, key systems, PSTN lines or a PBX to provide real-time, toll-quality voice connections to any office on a VOIP network. MultiVOIP is designed to help maximize investments already made in the existing data and voice network infrastructure.


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